Lullaby Lane Westerton

Lullaby Lane Westerton

Our original home away from home for children

Lullaby Lane Westerton was the first nursery we opened all the way back in 2013, rising to meet the demand for quality childcare in the Bearsden area.

In fact, Lullaby Lane Westerton is situated in the very building our Managing Director Pauline Scott’s daughter, Claudia attended back in 2005!

We are delighted to welcome children aged 6 weeks up to 3 years at our Westerton nursery.

Sunshine Room

Our Baby room (Sunshine Room) holds only 6 babies a day, creating a warm and intimate environment for the children to learn and explore. The baby room offers a variety of sensory and physical activities, such as Music and Rhyme, Paint, shaving foam as well as many more, Working on their Gross and Fine motor skills, speech and language, balance and co-ordination.

The Sunshine room follows the Government guidelines within The Pre- Birth to Three, which focuses on the children’s Respect, Relationships, Rights and Responsive Care they receive.

Our ratio stipulates that we can welcome 6 babies into our room; this small number creates a beneficial experience for our babies and assists in creating the Home-From-Home environment we strive to achieve.

Our staff have created a welcome, safe and secure environment which enables our children to meet their overall development and well-being. Our children are our extended family.

Rainbow Room


Our Toddler room (Rainbow Room) consists of free play and planned activities. Children learn through play, there for the environment is set up to be engaging and interesting, sparking thoughts and imaginations and providing a base for the individual learning. Our resources are based on loose parts play, meaning that everything in our playroom has multiple uses and can be whatever the children want it to be.

The children take part in a variety of different experiences, from Literacy and Numeracy, Music and Rhythm, Physical, health and wellbeing and creative activities. Each week the children of the toddler room take part in a weekly Yoga class, learning about mindfulness and promoting their health and wellbeing.


Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is a big part of nursery life. The children love nothing more than getting outside, exploring and getting messy. Each day the children will spend time in our nursery garden, go on local walks in the pram and visit local parks around the community.

We are perfectly situated between Cairnhill woodland area and the canal, so the children have access to a variety of terrains and local wildlife. We follow Pre-Birth to Three and believe in Child led, loose parts play. Each activity and experience are designed around the individual child and their age and stage of development. Love and Kindness is at the heart of everything we do at Lullaby Lane Westerton.

When our children feel loved and secure, they are free to flourish, learn and build the foundation for their future self’s. Our children are our extended family.

Lullaby Lane Westerton

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