Our journey with lullaby lane started at their Westerton site over 8 years ago back in 2016 when our daughter joined at 6 months old. Allowing me to return to work, 4 days a week, guilt free.

We were instantly drawn to the attachment led ethos, which for us felt entirely natural in a land of nurseries that offered a very structured hands off approach. We felt instantly calmed knowing our child would have a cuddle if they needed and in an environment developed continuously to stimulate their needs and interests.

Lullaby lane continued over the years to enrich our fiercely independent, ambitious and kind little girl offering ways for her personality to flourish. Teaching her that girls voices are powerful, important and unique.

Despite hitting 3 years old and unable to stay at the Westerton site we chose to transition to the newly opened Milngavie site as we just couldn’t see a better nursery to fit for our family’s needs, despite a 15 minute commute in the wrong direction. We were so thankful for the additional space in Milngavie and expansion of the baby unit which meant they were able to welcome our little boy with open arms into the baby unit and our daughter could continue in their 2-5 room.

Covid-19 then struck and life as we knew it changed but despite this Lullaby Lane worked so hard to keep all the connections with their children at the forefront. They emailed, sent videos, resources and even called round for a socially distanced visit with a bag full of surprises, activities and a teddy bear to offer comfort.

Transition to school for our daughter was eased by support, resources and continued encouragement which was invaluable for it all to go smoothly in the hight of Covid.

Lullaby lane has then moved to identify our son’s interests and again found ways to incorporate his passions into nursery life. For instance, with the recent art exhibition which has grown from his passion of drawing and has helped his confidence multiple.

The addition of ‘Adventure Days’ has also allowed for development of confidence and risky play outside the nursery room which is so valuable in developing life skills, and a highlight of our sons week when he has his block.

I must add if there have ever been any concerns, lullaby lane have been ever professional, listened and rectified where necessary any issues raised.

We move this summer to our son finishing up for school and as much as we are ready to see him soar, we are incredibly sad that our journey with Lullaby Lane is coming to an end but wouldn’t change it, and we will be forever grateful to them for enriching our journey as a family.

The Leckie Family

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