I started working at lullaby lane nursery in August 2021 throughout the kickstart program. At the time of joining Lullaby Lane the only experience was my children, my nephews and nieces, I loved children and when this opportunity came it was like my dream had come true. I was intrigued to see how children who are in daycare with people who aren’t their parents caring for them.

When my Kickstart came to an end in February I was offered a permanent position of a Modern Apprentice. The nursery continued to accommodate hours that supported me as a mum staying with employment.

Returning to work felt scary, during covid I lost my position of office assistant so working in early years was new to me, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to work in a team, would the children accept me. With the support and the love that I have received from the manager and the team this gave me the confidence and courage to undertake my modern apprenticeship. I felt so proud to have achieved this after trying to find the balance of family, work and completing a qualification.  I completed my qualification in May 2023, Lullaby Lane has supported me personally and professionally over the past 3 years it has been an amazing experience.

In my time at Lullaby Lane I’ve learnt about attachment theory, I was amazed to see how the staff loved the children and created a loving environment that allows the children to explore and learn. When I started I just spent some time with the nursery playrooms slowly building connection with the team, children and families. Over the first few months I observed the team, asked lots of questions and learned from my mistakes. The manager and team where so kind and supportive throughout my journey.

I don’t remember when and how this strong connection started between me and all the children in lullaby lane nursery, I have had lots of love, laughs and cuddles from the children, their parents and my team.

My journey at Lullaby Lane is coming to an end as I have decided to join my family in Bristol, I will return to an office assistant to allow our family to take this big Daring Venture.

It’s very hard to say goodbye. I love you and I will miss you all.

Working in a nursery, you are never alone you always have a team that are there for you and supports you. Lullaby Lane are incredible.

Love Faiza

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