Setting the Table Guidelines

"This guidance will give childcare providers standards for food provision, but it also provides guidance and practical solutions. These are aimed at making it easier for providers to understand the positive difference they can make to a child’s nutritional intake and ultimately their future health. Providing meals, snacks and drinks that meet a child’s nutritional needs provides an extra safety net for many children across Scotland."
MSP Aileen Campbell

Setting the table

Setting the Table Recipes

"This guidance has been developed to help Early Years childcare providers to meet the Scottish Government National Care Standards: Early Education and Childcare up to the age of 16 (2009). It also highlights the importance of nutrition in the early years and the role that childcare providers have in shaping both current and future eating patterns in young children in Scotland. It is an update of the Nutritional Guidance for the Early Years: Food Choices for Children Aged 1–5 Years in Early Education and Childcare Settings produced in 2006 and combines with the content of Adventures in Foodland (NHS Health Scotland, 2004) to include practical activities to encourage healthier choices in young children.."

Setting the table recipes