At Lullaby Lane Milngavie we offer attachment led childcare for children 2-5years, We have created a home from home environment that promotes love and cuddles to ensure our children and families feel safe and secure.
At Lullaby Lane we believe in a child led approach to learning, children learn through play in an environment which ensures they are safe and loved above all else. We offer a variety of loose parts and open ended resources that give the children opportunity to be creative and use their imagination. Our playroom environment is set up to be interesting and engaging and allows the children to explore and develop their own interests and promote their own learning at a pace that suits each individual.

Sunshine Room

Our staff team are then able to use quality observations and effective questioning in order to support and or challenge depending on the stage and development of each individual child. Each day the children are involved in a variety of play experiences that enhance their learning and develop their literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing skills.

Extra-curricular activities

The children have the opportunity to take part in a variety of extra-curricular activities throughout the year, currently Jo jingles is a favorite. Jo goes on lots of adventures and visits a new country each week developing the children’s knowledge of other cultures by taking part in a variety of music themed activities.

Another favourite of ours is our weekly yoga sessions with Kelly. The children have the opportunity to experience a fun interactive yoga experience that develops well-being and a sense of self for all children.


At Lullaby Lane relationships are at the heart of what we offer, we believe that by offering a safe, loving environment for all children and families we will give the children the opportunities they need to explore, be curious and reach their infinite potential.