As the working parents of two young children we have used childcare services for the past nine years. We understand the difficulties faced by parents and in particular the worries, fears and pressures in ensuring that when you make the decision to return to work that your child is cared for in a safe, loving and warm environment.
Due to our personal experiences and our professional history within training and recruitment for the Early Years industry we discussed, for several years, the opportunity of opening our own nursery.

our story

Directors of Lullaby Lane, Pauline and Ian Scott with former MSP Fiona McLeod

We finally made the decision in 2013 due to a number of reasons, our youngest child had started school, the high level of demand for quality childcare within our own local area of Bearsden and the identification of suitable premises within Westerton, a close, family orientated community in Bearsden.
The premises identified was a small stand alone building that was the same building where our daughter had attended nursery 8 years earlier. The appeal of the nursery for us as parents was two fold, the intimate, cosy size of nursery and the warm, friendly welcome we had received from the nursery owner and manager. We knew that we could offer this experience for other parents.