The staff team have the opportunity to further develop their knowledge of Attachment led practice and early brain development during training sessions that are planned throughout the year with Dr Suzanne Zeedyk. These sessions give the staff team the opportunity to discuss what attachment looks like for Lullaby Lane and how we can continue to update our practice in order to ensure we are offering the best possible care for our children and families.
The team at Lullaby Lane were lucky enough to be involved in the conference that took place on 26th September last year that made Scotland the first ACE aware nation. The event was a huge success and gave the staff team a platform to discuss early childhood trauma and how it effects and sculpts their lives.

Attachement Led Practice

Having had the opportunity to listen to speakers such as Dr Nadine Burke Harris, Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, Pauline Scott and John Carnochan, to name a few, it is clear to see that changes are happening all over the country and the children of scotland will be part of something wonderful that will hopefully change the future of early years. The staff at Lullaby Lane understand that the antidote for trauma is attachment and that we can change the outcomes for our children by continuing to develop our attachment led practice. We are excited for the future and hope to continue to develop our knowledge and support the children and families in our care.